UK drone service provider

ORIGI is a premier commercial drone service company specialising in creative and industrial solutions for businesses utilising the latest in cutting edge software & drone technology.

ORIGI's pilots, operators and drones are licensed and registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to conduct aerial operations.



ORIGI is a UK-owned and operated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle services provider catering to all industries and disciplines across the UK.
We bring you the latest that drone technology has to offer, whilst keeping a customer-centric focus, approaching every job with a bespoke solution.

Aerial photography

& Ultra High Definition videography

Using our unmanned aerial vehicles, we can offer our clients breathtaking aerial video and photography, cost-effectively.

  • For Estate Agents and developers, aerial video is an eye-catching way to give prospective clients a full view of the property and surrounding area.
  • Use drone video to share your social gathering online via social media or as a highly effective way to promote the services and attractions of your upcoming event.
  • High-quality 6k/60fps cinema-grade footage.
UAV Orthomosaic Map

Cost-effective site surveying

Topographic, Orthomosaic and Elevation mapping.

Collect data faster, safer and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

  • All surveys can be carried out while the buildings/sites are still fully operational, allowing your business or clients to work without disruption.
  • Easily visualise your project data and collaborate with our in-house experts.
  • As part of all surveys, you will receive a traditional report and access to all digital assets, including 3D Photogrammy, CAD files, GeoTiffs and any other file type required.
Mixed UAV topographic, orthomosaic and elevation data.
Bespoke future-proof solutions, as requested by our valuable clients
Pin-Point Accurate Surveying

Quality-assured data capture with professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles., using the latest GCP, RTK and PPK technology.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Automated AI software solutions to identify potential issues by examining and reporting on repeat data capture over time.

Cloud-Based Data Sharing

Easily share all up-to-date project data across all involved parties, anytime, anywhere.

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